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Geetanjali Mukherjee reviewed on on Jan. Packed with useful tips, I was pleasantly surprised by how useful this book is.

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I am still working through the suggestions, doing as Mark suggests, to implement the easy tips first. I highly recommend this to any author of e-books, not necessary only for those published on Smashwords. David Dockery reviewed on on Aug. I was really impressed with the information here and I am sold on publishing with smashwords. I worked very hard on my book and now that it's ready for submission to a publisher I hunted all over and I really feel like smashwords is the only distributor that has their author's best interest in mind.

It's very apparent that Mr. Coker cares about his customers and more importantly he respects the author, the writing process and he is an advocate for the future of ebooks. I can't wait to get started with smashwords, but this book taught me that you can't just upload it right away. You have to do your homework, some promotional work and more. I also read the other 2 books on style guidelines and marketing by Mark Coker and those were very helpful too.

Frankly when I looked at Amazon submissions I was a little intimidated. I don't feel like that with smashwords. I also enjoyed Mark's blog which has even more great information if that's possible. Thanks for such a great book Mark and I can't wait to work with smashwords to get my new indie book out there.

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Aleksandr Wootton reviewed on on Aug. Plenty of good information here, but the book would strongly benefit from a re-write - it's plagued by arguments ended in mid-thought, lack of internal transition between thoughts in paragraphs, missing words, many sections that simply repeat or rehash previous sections, and so on. Not quite enough to spoil the reading experience, but enough to jeopardize the credibility of content. A reader who didn't already know Smashwords and author Mark Coker's credentials would likely be turned off. Paul Morrison reviewed on on June 12, It is certainly the right material to anyone in the e-book business to read.

Sharing your knowledge just shows how you believe in this business and I am enjoying every tip and advice. I would also like to congratulate you for doing it for free, but I have to say that I would gladly pay for your books! Adra Young reviewed on on May 27, Every time I read one of Coker's books, I feel as if I'm taking one of my favorite college prerequisite's courses once again.

The Secrets to Ebook publishing is the kind of read that keeps indie authors such as myself having continuous "Aha Moments. I liked the fact that there were some secrets I already had knowledge on. On the other hand, I loved the fact that there were a lot of secrets listed that I simply were not aware of. The information provided allows me now to look upon the e-books that I write from a wide range of various angles. The e-book terminology towards the end of the book comes in very handy as well. More importantly, Coker chooses to provide all this priceless information for free to any author who's simply interested at getting better at their craft.

Thanks again Coker. Ayla Pendragon reviewed on on May 23, Chantel Rhondeau reviewed on on May 11, Great, practical advice. Easy to understand and helpful ideas.

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I'm off to read the other marketing books by this author. J B Bergstad reviewed on on May 3, Great, great, great. Many of the secrets are common sense, but common sense all writers need to be reminded of once in a while. Writers, like actors, have big egos and even bigger expections. Two of the most important lessons I took from Mr. Coker's book were: don't cheat your book out of quality by a rush to publish.

Don't plan on being a 1 bestseller thirty days after you're accepted by the Premium catalogue.

The Secrets To Ebook Publishing Success. A Must-Read For Authors. | The Creative Penn

Thanks for Smashwords, not saying some things don't need a little more work , and thank you for compiling these simple truths and making us aware of them. Jim Bergstad writing as Matt James. John Ellis reviewed on on March 30, I tried about 10 times to publish a single book and the system would keep rejecting it. Their idea of 'help' or 'support' was providing no specific solution, just pointing me towards FAQs and the Style Guide. So, in short, read this book for its helpful general advice and good motivational info, avoid Smashwords. Kimaya Mathew reviewed on on March 28, Mark coker, as always, gives you the basic principles of how to get successful in the ebook's bussiness.

I am going through his other book right now, along with this one. I am finding his words both successful and inspiring. Julie Pfeifer reviewed on on March 22, S Long reviewed on on March 7, Awesome book!

Read it twice Jean MacIntyre reviewed on on March 2, A must read for anyone aspiring to be a published author. Well done, Mark, and thank you so much for giving us this Smashwords venue! Daryl R. Smith reviewed on on Feb.

Excellent advice for new ebook writers. I'm not even close to looking into publishing yet and was fairly certain that I would at least try traditional publishing first, but decided to read this anyway as it seemed interesting regardless. It definitely was. It has me excited about self-publishing which may not be a good thing as I have to keep reminding myself that I really am not ready for that yet or doing a mixture of self-publishing and traditional publishing, if it works out, depending on what's right for a particular book.

Kristine Cuevas reviewed on on Feb. Haven't finish reading it yet, but this is really helpful.

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My Ebook Publishing House reviewed on on Feb. Very usefull!! Ed Skidmore reviewed on on Jan. I appreciated his helpful and collegial attitude. All that info and at no cost! I already used several of his suggestions on my own recently published book in order to expand "my platform". He writes about that in the book.

Thank You Mark!!

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Christine Rice reviewed on on Dec. Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker is a thorough self-help manual about how to succeed as an ebook author. It is a good book for a soon-to-be-published author, but it is also helpful for an author who has already published a book, or several books for that matter. This book covers a lot of information, which is pleasing since it is free.

It emphasizes the importance of writing a well-written and edited book with a great title and cover design. It covers the most popular cycles or trends of ebook sales, how to deal with negative reviews, and how to set an appropriate ebook price. Daniel Hardie reviewed on on Nov. Great book to get started on eBooks. If only I started by reading this I've already read through this a few times now and plan to keep it for reference.

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Thanks Mark. Joseph Henry Gaines reviewed on on Nov. So pleased I downloaded this! Some fantastic information written in common sense so that newbies like myself can easily understand it. Excellent Book Mr Coker! You have my sincere thanks and once I sell a million copies of my novel you will have my sincere gratitude LoL review of free book. Leora C.

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Waldman reviewed on on Oct. It is written by a genuinely good and outstanding person who doesn't mind sharing his wisdom and experience with the rest of the people who need it. I believe that for as long as there are people like Mark out there the world is definitely a better and more inspiring place. I strongly recommend this book not only to young and inspiring authors, but to anyone who needs a sound knowledge of how marketing and PR works.

Rouge Publishing reviewed on on Sep. This book actually made me cry at the end and that is unusual for a non-fiction book.

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It just gave me the validation as a writer that I've never had before. Seldom do I run across other writers in person and so reading Mark's book really was a confidence booster. I recommend this book to all writers especially those who are new.