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Summary : ' Oedipus Syndrome '

Did you notice a tone? Was there an obvious slant or bias? Tip: For the body of your book presentation, use your notes to guide you through an extended summary of the book. This will allow you to weave your own thoughts and impressions into the plot summary. Conclusion For your conclusion of your presentation, consider some additional impressions and opinions: Was the ending satisfactory for fiction? Was the thesis supported by strong evidence.

Analysis Of The Poem ' Purple ' And ' Bh60 '

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Its hops are less than He is a French expatriate working on a sugar plantation in western Kenya. The story begins on New Year's Day, , when Charles and a woman take an overnight trip to Mount Elgon, a formerly active volcano. During their trip, they visit Kitum Cave. After returning to his quiet life, Monet becomes ill.

Fly Away Peter: Analysis of Symbolism

The reader knows that he is experiencing a catastrophic illness, but Charles. Romeo and Juliet will fall in love but their fate is death. The feuding of their families is at fault. Like a migratory bird, Jim holds a 'map' of the swampland in his mind, whilst also seeing the detail of grass, undergrowth and water. A flight in Ashley's biplane gives him a view of the landscape which confirms his mental map. Later, in the trenches, he seems to go out of himself and see the battle as a map - while he is present in the mud and heat of battle, part of his perception observes, detached, from above.

Time - and the meaning of how we exist in time - is also a key theme in the novel. Imogen's comment that "A life isn't for anything; it simply is" is reinforced throughout.

Her photographs of birds capture them in time, and give them a permanence they do not have in nature. The skeleton of a woolly mammoth, which rotted where it was killed with flints by early humans, lies where it fell and is unearthed as the trenches are dug. In this context the seemingly all-consuming 'machine' of war becomes merely a blip. As Imogen watches a surfer who repeatedly falls from his board, which rises behind him like a tombstone, at the end of the novel she cannot help, in spite of grief, to see that life goes on in all its power, exhilaration and tragedy.

Some readers identify a link between Jim and Imogen and Adam and Eve, with the estuary as the garden of Eden. This subtle parallel is used by Malouf to explore the key theme of innocence and experience. The idyllic "eden" of the estuary contrasts boldly with the hellish trenches.

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The novel consists of dualities: war and peace, life and death, innocence and experience, wealth and poverty, natural and man-made. However, these binaries are tinged with ambiguity. While the 'sanctuary' is idyllic, it is in this time and place of 'innocence' that Jim saw his brother killed on the farm, and had to live with the venomous and destructive despair of his father. Conversely, in the trenches, friendship is rich and the bird life is miraculous.

Malouf was regarded as a poet before he wrote novels, and much of his writing in this novel is poetic.

Malouf himself describes it as a novel which explores ideas such as the meaning or purpose of life rather than story. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. David Malouf.

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He was born in and was brought up in Brisbane. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Read more. Also by David Malouf. Related titles. The Handmaid's Tale. To Kill A Mockingbird. The Blue Rose. A Gentleman in Moscow.