Desserts Under 250 Calories! 51 Delicious Desserts That Wont Hurt Your Diet

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Honestly, I think you look fantastic! I need a sweet treat every night. On weekends I usually go out to eat and always order a decadent dessert after my main meal. So to sum it up, healthy-ish desserts on weekdays, and going all out on weekends!

6 'Healthy' Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

I am like you and eat sweets daily — I just try to keep the portions small and try to cut back on other things like bread. Somehow, it works decently well for me. I love sweets. My youngest son asks for dessert every night he may or may not take after me! Great post!! I totally agree and would so much rather be happy than perfect. I love sweets too!

My trick is eat healthy sweets.

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Yummy yummy! SO with you here. I want to enjoy my life and my body. Interesting post! I LOVE desserts more than anyone hello, check out the name of my blog , but I recently accepted a challenge from a friend to give up all sweets not fruit and stuff like that, desserts until our marathons on Oct. I honestly have no idea how I will do it.

Almost every single day, I end up at a fro yo shop for desert. I usually limit myself to about 6oz of yogurt with a small amount of toppings and none of the candy bars or brownie bites. I love sweets!

I eat things like Luna bars almost daily. But I wouldnt consider those desserts. I totally used to do that with Ben too! Travel — calories do not matter and I can eat what I want! Food is a big part of travel experience. Sure losing weight is awesome and all, but who wants to live off of cardboard! I love sweets!!! I usually have something sweet after every meal. For breakfast, I normally eat an apple, some pecans, and later on a banana. My sweet is a mix of the fruit, and then, I have to pop in a piece of gum.

For my after of lunch sweet, it may be something like a granola bar. After we eat, my hubby asks if I am full. I just eat small amounts, which is much better than my growing up days. For me its all about moderation! I try and limit myself to one dessert during the work week and one dessert of the weekends. A daily sweet treat has saved me from my binges on sweets. Now they balance quite nicely into my eating as I work on my weight. Shape magazine v.

Sparkpeople and the like. It sounds counterintuitive, but your metabolism will kick into high speed! Thanks for the butt-in! Any clue which calculator I should go by? Tania — have you seen a dietician or a nutritionist? They could probably set you on the right path.

I know a lot of people have had success with Weight Watchers, too, which can be simpler than counting calories and really encourages eating fresh fruit and veg. Good luck! Apparently I gave him a death look. And he knew never to say such silly things again. I eat sweet treats everyday, too. Thanks for addressing this because it makes me feel less guilty for giving into indulgences on a daily basis!

I eat sweets every day. I like them and I would be sad without them. Healthy, right? You are right on the money with this one Monica! I got a super duper double dose of sweet toothitis and am not ashamed anymore! One should always live life to the fullest and in the moment! I also have to have a treat everyday. Great outlook…similar to mine. In moderation is key for me and yes sharing though I am a bad sharer! If I hold back for too long I binge, but a little a day works out perfectly for me too!

I really enjoyed this post. I have come to learn and to accept that desserts also have to be a daily occurrence for me as well. A little bit of sweetness every day keeps me healthy and happy!

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When I tried to only have 1 dessert I would rack my brain for hours trying to figure out what exactly I should have to hold me until next week. I totally had that problem before too! I would have such a hard time deciding on what to indulge in for the week and then be really disappointed if there was anything wrong with it.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. I'm Monica and I'm running more and eating less to lose weight and get faster! Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or registered dietitian.

Healthy Desserts (No Added Sugar)

The views I express are mine alone, based on my own experiences, and should not be taken as medical advice. I am a certified running coach, but am sharing my own training - not providing a program for you. Made from just four whole-food ingredients: coconut, sprouted sesame seeds, naturally sweet dates and ginger powder, you can eat a few handfuls of these without breaking the sugar or calorie bank.

Studies show that peaches may help ward off metabolic syndrome — a name for a group of risk factors, of which belly fat is a predominant determinant, that increase the risk for obesity-related diseases including diabetes.

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  • The belly-good properties of stone fruits come from powerful phenolic compounds that can modulate fat gene expression. Better yet, fruits with pits are among the lowest in fructose or fruit sugar. Sizzle up a slice of this breakfast favorite for a savory protein boost—so long as you think you can cut yourself off after a slice or two. The more you eat, the higher your risk of disease.

    Pair them with some cinnamon and raspberries for a low-cal, filling treat. Nosh on some slices to reap the flat-belly benefits. Packed with powerful linoleic acids, sunflower seeds have a secret weapon against unwanted pounds. Studies have shown that consuming the nutrients can help lower body weight, BMI, total fat mass and waist-to-hip ratio. Just be mindful of your portions: A mere tablespoon will run you 50 calories. Traditional rice cakes are bland and boring, but these salty-sweet chocolate dunked treats are anything but.

    Grab three for a mere 50 calories.

    How to Make Low Carb Brownie Cheesecake

    And balance salt and protein perfectly with these soups that burn fat! This whole-grain snack offers just the right amount of sweetness and is perfect for little ones and grown-ups alike. Think of each raspberry as a magical weight loss pill. Packing more fiber and liquid than most other fruits, they boost feelings of satiety without doing any damage to your waistline.

    These are made with just four whole food ingredients — corn, quinoa, sesame seeds and sea salt — and make eating healthy on the run a figurative piece of cake.