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About Scott Nelson excerpted from www. He lives on the farm homesteaded by his grandfather in with his wife and two children.

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Scott is a self-taught artist; he started drawing as a small child as soon as he learned to hold a pencil. Scott works with pen and ink, water color, acrylic wash, and oils. His subjects are mostly Western, contemporary and historical. Scott has illustrated several books and has been published in a number of magazines. Several years ago, out of a deep respect for the World War Two generation and a lifelong interest in WWII aircraft, Scott started interviewing veteran aviators and illustrating their stories on canvas.

As of the spring of Scott completed 13 large oil paintings and a number of smaller watercolors. The paintings are all based on real events occurring during the war. The veterans inspect the finished painting and suggest if there need to be any changes. When the painting meets their satisfaction, they sign the painting to authenticate it.

See our feature here for more about Scott Nelson, which includes more examples of his art. Visit his web site, www. Scott Nelson comments: Some years ago Rodney Nelson we share the same last name but are not related came driving up our road for a visit. If Rod had come to me this past summer with the double bumper hay crop I had, I would have had to turn him down.

Rod had the book printed, a nice professionally bound, hardcover book that he had to make a visit to the banker to have done. I think Rod told the banker he needed the money to buy a new tractor or maybe some bred cows. I'm sure the banker would never have gave him the funds if he knew it was for a self-published book. As it turned out the book was a phenomenal success and flew off the shelves in the manner of the Cabbage Patch doll or Beanie Baby when they were popular.

Several older ladies were once seen fighting over one when supplies of the book got low. The books were all gone several weeks before Christmas and left those who wanted the book in a desperate situation. Books showed up on eBay and went for ten times the original price. I became somewhat of a minor celebrity and people would drive for many miles out to our place so I could sign their book and draw a small sketch on the flyleaf.

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My fame quickly passed and now things are back to normal, spending my time breaking horses and following cows around. Rodney Nelson comments: I wrote Wilbur's Christmas Gift one day when I needed to write something for my daughter Annika to recite at a big Christmas show.

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I sat in a chair all day long as the story swirled in my mind. I thought then and there I should have someone illustrate my poem and make it into a book. I really liked Scott's drawings and for the first time knew exactly what Wilbur looked like. Scott is something like Wilbur: gentle, kind, and extremely modest. My favorite drawing is Wilbur standing with his hands at his side when he is getting his hugs. Scott wouldn't know how to take a hug either. Ain't Nothin' Quite So Lonely.

An old abandoned house it was— a broken-hearted place; alone, again, with memories that time did not erase. His wife had long since passed on; and his kids lived far away. They were finished! Their task was truly daunting— to visit every family, and leave no child a wanting.

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But, it left his crew bone-weary— with a journey home ahead. Exhausted, drained, the crew now faced the journey home with dread. Tired, the crew and Santa too, and traveling back so slow, when Santa spied an empty house just waiting, down below. Then Santa made a bee-line for the yard; and parked his sleigh. He figured that his weary crew would rest there Christmas day. The house was just ecstatic when they all walked through its door, unpacked their sleighs, and lit a fire, and sacked out on its floor.

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  6. He figured there was someone there who fueled the fire and stoked. Well, Santa and his crew were pleased to have a Christmas guest. They asked the man to come on in and stay awhile and rest. The reindeer dashed into the house, but no one cared a fig. The cowboy yodeled up a storm; and Santa danced a jig Donner played a fiddle and Vixen played a flute; and Rudolph on his new tin horn chimed in with a toot.

    Dancer drummed an old tin pan and Prancer sang a song; and Rudolph on his new toy horn, tooted right along. And the sad, old house was happy and filled with Christmas cheer; and memories that warmed its heart all through the coming year. And Santa long remembered stopping there to rest. Indeed, he thought that Christmas day was just about the best. They left him feeling empty and wanting something more. The moral of this story— for there is a moral here— about what counts for Christmas, for that day is drawing near…. Gift are over-blown! Ranch Country Christmas. If Wilbur has a weakness it's kids at Christmas time, Why I know that old cowboy hardly spends a dime, To make sure Christmas morning down this valley ain't a bust, 'Cause a gift for every youngster left by "Santa" is a must.

    Out here in the country where ranching is our way, There's plenty work to last all year but seldom enough pay, For presents piled beneath a tree decked out with blinkin' lights, No store bought dolls in pretty dresses, wagons, trains, or kites. Wilbur stockpiles his supplies startin' New Years Day, To braid and build and fashion homemade gifts to give away. From Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve long nights to fill the bill, He's creating treasures using expert cowboy skill. A rope halter and lead rope, Chuck's boys could use some gear.

    Braided reins for Benny's oldest, should have finished those last year!

    Two straw dolls with burlap dresses for the twins of Mrs. A box kite for Jess's youngest strong enough to catch a breeze. Builds a wagon from an old canoe the wheels carved out of pine, Long enough for seven children to all ride in at one time. Delivering his presents might take up half the night, Had Wilbur not devised a plan that rivals Santa's flight.

    He piles 'em in his pickup while families are at church, Makes it back to sing "What Child Is This" from his last row favorite perch. The parents of the children know Wilbur is the one, Making Christmas morning special for daughters and their sons. So when the snowball dance rolls round complete with potluck feast, That's when a herd of thank you comes at Wilbur all unleashed.

    His favorite fresh-baked homemade rolls from Chuck's wife just appear, Along with pie from Mrs. Joe and Pearl keep waiting on him 'til he's overstuffed with chuck, Jess and Benny pool their thank you slip a jug in Wilbur's truck. And when good cowboy music gives each rancher's wife a chance, The mom's of all those children ask sweet Wilbur for a dance. Not sure what's said between each as they whirl around the floor, But Wilbur's eyes are glistening when he shuffles toward the door.

    It takes work to raise a family a fair piece from the lights, And friends with hearts of kindness hold the chill off Christmas nights.

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    You can bet your bottom dollar when New Year's rolls around, Wilbur will start his "shopping' spree"…but not in any town. McGroot and the Kid. Near Christmas time old man McGroot Had just come in from riding fence. He pried off frozen cowboy boots And aimed to break his abstinence From whiskey, forced by the long ride. The door eased open. He had no true affinity For kids, but his druthers turned thief And warmed his heart to this poor lad.

    In that case, give yourself a rest. I think I have some biscuits here. He spoke, astute.